• Ashleigh Howard

Breakfast skipping vs breakfast consumption


A very controversial topic! Whilst research can sway either way around consumption and omission, I do think it’s down to personal preference and what an individual is exposed too. ⠀⠀ ⠀ ▪️My Undergraduate dissertation focused upon breakfast fasting and any similarities held with daily consumption on energy expenditure in adolescent girls. Participants were offered three high-fibre, sustainable cereals on consumption days before exercising, which was measured via fitted ActiHeart monitors and the analyses of their BMR and RMR throughout. Results concluded that daily carb, fiber and protein intakes were higher in daily breakfast vs. no breakfast (p<0.0005 - all my stats geeks out there 😆), whereas daily fat intake didn’t differ (p=0.405). ⠀ ▪️’Breakfast helps you lose weight’ is all around us, along with ‘the risk of skipping increases your likelihood of obesity’. Whilst this appears quite scaremongering, various clinical studies have shown that breakfast eaters tend to be healthier because there is a decreased chance of excessive snacking throughout the day, BUT these were observational studies and cannot demonstrate causation. ⠀ ▪️If you skip breakfast and find yourself snacking before lunch, set yourself a goal to eat a small portion, high-fibre breakfast for a dew days!